Submissions to The Grimoire periodical can be inquired about here. We are trying to collect a range of articles, artwork, comic scenes/strips, and reviews for use in future issues. We are also looking to include promotional ads for groups, clubs and conventions to help promote the role-playing game industry.

Fool’s Moon Entertainment Inc. makes no claim of ownership in whole or part to any material submitted for inclusion in The Grimoire periodical. Once we have published a piece in an issue, it will not be used in subsequent issues, nor will it appear in whole or in part, except by reference,  in any other material published by Fool’s Moon Entertainment Inc. without the express permission of the author.

Articles, Reviews, Etc

  1. The periodical is an English language release and so articles must be in English. Editing by Fool’s Moon staff will correct glaring grammatical errors. Despite our best efforts, some almost always get missed. Please spell check and try to use proper grammar. We do not dictate the spelling and although Fool’s Moon administration prefers the Commonwealth English, American English will be accepted for The Grimoire.
  2. The submission must be provided in an unprotected format, emailed to Kevin at or to with the SUBJECT line including: “The Grimoire submission” failing to do this runs the risk of the submission being overlooked and/or spam filtered out. File format can be .doc .docx .rtf .odt
  3. While we place no minimum length on articles, our preferred format is 2 columns at 8.65 cm each with a 0.3 cm gap between them, or something close to that using an 11 or 12 point font. If no formatting is used in the submission, Fool’s Moon will format the file.
    We do not specify a font type, but if a non-standard font is being used, please include the font file with the submission.
  4. Artwork and artwork placement can be embedded in the submission. If no artwork is used, Fool’s Moon can commission artwork for it or leave it without artwork if the author desires.

Artwork, Comics, Etc

It is understood that Fool’s Moon will use the piece in only the one Issue of the The Grimoire in which it originally appears. We claim no other rights over the piece submitted. We will edit and alter the piece for size and space constraints only.

For more information specific to Submissions, please use this handy contact form: