The Grimoire

The premiere issue of The Grimoire periodical. The first 6 issues focus primarily on the Mhâr Fantasy RPG. Peasants, Villages and a sinking port town.

This second issue continues with the focus on the Mhâr Fantasy RPG. Minstrels, Harpers and Gypsies.

The third issue continues to evolve the Mhâr Fantasy RPG universe. Towns, Ladies and a haunted castle.

While still using the Mhâr universe as a backdrop, this fourth issue focuses exclusively on Goblins and can be used in any game setting allowing for the race.

The fifth issue continues to explore the medieval world of the Mhâr Fantasy RPG from a more chivalrous angle. Knights, Nobility, Heraldry and and strange inn.

The sixth and final issue devoted solely to exploring the Mhâr Fantasy RPG. Beggars, Halflings and a town that appears to be calm and peaceful.

The first issue not devoted solely to Mhâr, we introduce regular sections like Down the Pipe, where we discuss what Fool's Moon Entertainment is working on, and some reviews and comics.

Expanding a bit further afield, we introduce an artist to our audience, plus our regular items.

We continue and expand The Grimoire's offerings.

To celebrate our second game, Fox Magic, we throw in some Shinto. Plus our regular features.

A special issue about superheroes, of a sort. Plus our regular features.

In this issue of our periodical we bring NPCs for Fox Magic, the Undead for Mhâr, a discussion on science fiction and an introduction to Hungarian RPG.