Mhâr Fantasy

It is a world where monarchies rise and fall with the glory and power of their kings; a rich pageantry of courtly romance and tournaments; a land where the Church shepherds the souls of the faithful and one where powerful guilds and merchant princes build vast trading empires. It is also a world where many live under the yoke of oppression, violence and disease. But it is also a world of wonderment, for here magic is very real and fairy tales of old take on a dark truth.

The second of the two core books to the Mhâr Fantasy RPG, this Game Master’s book is an invaluable resource to running the game with full rules for movement, combat and enchantments. Besides hints on running the game, this 150 page guide also contains an introduction to the world setting; a tour of Calshire on […]

This is the Mhâr Fantasy RPG Resource Kit and GM's screen. There is a 38 page resource kit, containing new rules, archetypes, skills, merits and flaws; an overview of the Kingdom of Gwythia; a look at the moridar dwarves; and an extensive look at Rune Magic. The back cover for the Resource Kit has a full colour map of the Kingdom of Gwythia which borders the south of the Mhâr primary setting of Anæland. The last pages are devoted to the GM's screen. Given here as pdf images that can be printed and laminated. Also included are instructions for ordering a laminated cardstock GM's screen directly from Fool's Moon.

The City of Livry is Anæland's capital city. The city handbook has a detailed look at life in the city. The day to day lives of the city inhabitants is broken down by city section, with a look at the businesses and politics prominent throughout the area. Livry can be adapted by the Game Master for other fantasy settings or rule sets.

The City of Halisburgh is the second most powerful city within the Kingdom of Anæland and the heart of political power for the Southern Lords in their struggle with the increasingly autocratic Royal Court in Livry. While written as part of the setting for Mhâr Fantasy RPG, Halisburgh is a stand-alone book and can be adapted by the Game Master for other fantasy settings or rule sets.

The Mhâr Fantasy RPG continues to grow. While primarily designed for the Mhâr Fantasy universe, this valuable source book can be used for any medieval based RPG.

A regional campaign module for the Mhâr Fantasy RPG, the "Kingdom of Anæland Regional Sourcebook" covers the culture and history of the Anæland Region, the primary setting for the game. The module not only covers the Kingdom of Anæland itself, but also smaller nations of Harmuria and the tiny multiracial confederation of Wilderland. This Sourcebook not only includes an overview of the politics, culture, religion and history of the region, but also includes an extensive alphabetical index with entries providing information on locations, historical figures and important aspects of the region and world of Mhâr. Locations, figures and other aspects of the setting transfer well to other medieval based setting RPGs.

Kingdom of Anæland Regional Atlas contains a large (11x17) two page, full colour map of the primary playing area for the Mhâr Fantasy RPG. The booklet contains the information about the geographical and political landscape. While set in the Mhâr Fantasy universe, the Atlas contains simple, broad range information about geography, climate and infrastructure and so, can be used in any similar gaming structure.

Using the same format as the very successful Castles and Keeps of Anæland, Castles and Keeps of Gwythia examines in detail seven fortifications in the land south of Anæland. Included are colour maps of the villages and towns surrounding the fortified building, commercial and industrial appraisals, and some local folklore to add to the possibilities. The history of each site provides sufficient background information to create a setting of intrigue and adventure.

The proud Kelta who inhabit the Kingdom of Gwythia have withstood repeated attempts by outsiders to take their lands and they have endured. Unified under the guidance of their High King, the kingdom continues to oppose the imperialist dreams of its neighbour, the Kingdom of Anæland. But the unity of Gwythia is fragile. Some prosper […]

The Knights of the Golden Eagle is a sourcebook for players and game masters using the Golden Eagle and other mercenary armies in the Mhâr Fantasy RPG and other similar themed role playing games. The history, organization and personalities of the Knights are described in this useful hand book. Also found in its pages is […]

The Fraterna Solesti is one of the primary Magi Orders in the Mhâr Fantasy RPG. This ambitious source book gives a wealth of information about the Order and it’s function within the Orders and the world around them. While the book is designed for the Mhâr setting, its information would be invaluable to any magic […]

The world setting of Mhâr Fantasy RPG and lands beyond the Kingdom of Anæland are now compiled in this 100+ page volume with a guide to the the various regions and kingdoms which make up the island continent of Durine. With the volume is a large, full colour continental map.

The village of Brandywell on the edge of the High Moors in Brunumshire lies shivering in terror as ghostly raiders thunder across the moorlands. Shepherds and tin-miners have vanished and Brandywell's chandler has been carried off into the night in an attack on the village. Now his cousin seeks brave adventurers to unravel the mystery of the Hunters of the Moor. The first published adventure for the Mhâr Fantasy RPG, it also contains notes on converting the module to other game mechanics.

Azardar’s Wondrous Emporium is a unique shop carrying a collection of goods for the adventurous character. This premiere issue, Cloaks and Mantles, looks at a range of artifacts in this category. Designed for Mhâr Fantasy RPG, but easily used in any medieval/high fantasy RPG setting. Buy at RPGNow

Azardar’s Wondrous Emporium is a unique shop carrying a collection of goods for the adventurous character. This second volume, Boots and Shoes, looks at a range of artifacts in this category. Designed for the Mhâr Fantasy RPG, but easily used in any medieval/high fantasy RPG setting. Buy at RPGNow

Written for the Mhâr gaming system, this castle piece can be used in any similar setting game. Insenzo castle is the centre of the small, independent state of Massea.

The small island kingdom of Audora, more commonly called Aukland by its neighbours, is the smallest and most open of the Nicilan Kingdoms toward humanity.  Strange ruins dot the isles, sometimes surrendering secrets of the ancient Nicila or unspeakable horrors. The Kingdom of Aukland Regional Sourcebook is the third Kingdom book for The Mhâr Fantasy […]

For fans of the "Castles and Keeps" books, this stand alone location holds details of the town and castle with maps and descriptions. While designed for the Mhâr Fantasy RPG, all of our locations are suitable for any similar game setting.