The Fool’s Moon Entertainment Inc. product line currently revolves around the Fox Magic role-playing game, written by Fool’s Moon Entertainment’s Vice-President, Christopher “Kit” LaHaise, and the Mhâr Fantasy role-playing game written by Greg Older.

Our periodical, The Grimoire, started out as a means to introduce Mhâr to audiences but has grown and expanded to promote other products and gaming ideas.

Other products we have introduced are general role-playing game resources for use in any compatible gaming system. Many of our new products will be using the Pathfinder Open Gaming Licence.

All of our digital game and game resource products are available through and Many of the products are available in bundles to provide additional savings.

We also make custom 1.25″ (3.175 cm) buttons.  We have a growing range of stock buttons and can do custom orders.  These are available directly from us using the contact form on the Buttons main page.