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The Mystic Archer

The bow is an instrument of focus and harmony. It is an instrument of calm perfection – when the archer draws her bow and nocks an arrow, a sense of stillness falls over her. She waits for the perfect moment, her senses focused and honed on a single point. When she releases her arrow, there is no hesitation – the reaction takes but an instant. The bow is the perfect weapon in the mind of the mystic archer, elegant in form, and deadly in execution. The mystic archer spends her time wandering the world, refining her fusion of spell and arrow. She may spend many months in the wilderness, honing her skills with the bow, developing precision and the proper stillness to be an effective hunter, or she may meditate under the light of the moon as she turns her gaze inward to develop her arcane abilities. She seeks to constantly refine herself, honing her skills to create the perfect union of magic and martial prowess. The Mystic Archer: A Magus Alternate Class (Pathfinder system)

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