The Grimoire, Issue 7

The first issue not devoted solely to Mhâr, we introduce regular sections like Down the Pipe, where we discuss what Fool’s Moon Entertainment is working on, and some reviews and comics.

In this issue:

  1. Mhâr Fantasy: Byranster
    An overview of the city of Byranster. Includes a full colour map of the city.
  2. Mhâr Fantasy: Playing with Class.
    A guide to role-playing an Edder
  3. Mirror Magic
    The use of mirrors as portals, mediums and prisons.
  4. Magical Mirrors of Mhâr.
    Following the lead of Mirror Magic, we show an adaptation of it for the Mhâr Fantasy RPG.
  5. Down the Pipe
  6. Review and Comics

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