The Grimoire, Issue 6

The sixth and final issue devoted solely to exploring the Mhâr Fantasy RPG.

In this issue:

  1. The Palliards
    Anæland’s infamous “Guild of Beggars”, the Palliards are a front for all manner of criminal activity within the Kingdom and is starting to expand into neighbouring kingdoms. An inside look at the Underworld of Mhâr’s towns and cities.
  2. Lanternton
    A coastal settlement on Anæland’s north coast, it is a unique community of humans and halflings living in harmonious co-existence. It is also a centre of smuggling and a potential flashpoint in a political battle between the northern nobles and the Crown.
  3. The Edder
    The Mhâr halfling race has been living alongside humanity for centuries. Considering them to be a subservient people, weak but curious and eager to please, few humans take much notice of them. Very few humans understand them, and with the Edder nothing is as it appears.

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