The Grimoire, Issue 5

The fifth issue continues to explore the medieval world of the Mhâr Fantasy RPG from a more chivalrous angle.

In this issue:

  1. Nobility and Knighthood
    A look at the origins, traditions and everyday life of knights and nobility on Durine including an overview of jousting tournaments, the construction of castles and politics in Anæland and much of Durine. Also includes background options for knightly and noble-blood characters.
  2. Heraldry
    An overview of the art of blazonry on Durine, this article provides a guide to medieval Heraldry and the operation of the prestigious Heralds’ Colleges that operate across the civilised regions of Durine. Several pages of illustrations allow game masters to describe and draw up realistic fantasy heraldry to liven up their campaigns. There are also options for creating herald characters.
  3. Listerham
    A modest keep among the Sourthern Lords of Anæland, is renown for its fair and the great tournament that accompanies it draws knights from across the kingdom to break lances. Almost as famous is its curious inn built in the branches of a gigantic oak. Both the inn and the fair are featured in this location site.

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