The Grimoire, Issue 4

While still using the Mhâr universe as a backdrop, this fourth issue focuses exclusively on Goblins and can be used in any game setting allowing for the race.

In this issue:

  1. Arukti: The Goblin Folk
    An essay on the Arukti, Mhâr’s Goblin race, describing in detail their culture and beliefs. In addition, the major nations along the Anæland coast are described.
  2. Role-playing Arukti
    This section contains notes on converting the Arukti to existing fantasy settings, Goblin equipment, and creating Goblin characters and running a saga about the trials and tribulations of the Goblin nation.
  3. Shamanism and Magic
    Written for the Mhâr Fantasy RPG, this articles details shamanistic practices used by Goblins that may be used for other fantasy RPGs. It also covers their mythology and spiritualism in more detail.
  4. The Goblin Tongue
    The Goblin language is revealed, along with sayings and phrases, a brief dictionary and a word generation table.
  5. Sverdnag
    Chief settlement of the Sertag goblin nation. Sverdnag appears to be a bastion of placidity among the goblin tribes, having already secured peace with dwarves Hâstead and the humans of Wilderland. Appearances can be deceiving.

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