Mhâr Fantasy RPG (First Edition) The Player’s Book

It is a world where monarchies rise and fall with the glory and power of their kings; a rich pageantry of courtly romance and tournaments; a land where the Church shepherds the souls of the faithful and one where powerful guilds and merchant princes build vast trading empires. It is also a world where many live under the yoke of oppression, violence and disease. But it is also a world of wonderment, for here magic is very real and fairy tales of old take on a dark truth.

On the outskirts of human civilization lie lands ruled by the ancient dwarves and by the mystical feline nicila and by the savage goblin tribes. Though all face threats from dragons, demons, dark fæy and the undying, the greatest threat these other races face is singular, unrelenting and apparently unstoppable: the Future.

It is what the Middle Ages could have been…

First of two core books for the Mhâr Fantasy Role-Playing Game, the 116 page Player’s Book provides the core game rules and creating characters for play with dozens of archetypes from the noble knight to a wizard’s apprentice. The book also provides an introduction to the world of Mhâr and the Kingdom of Anæland and a wealth of background information on each race and its culture.

It has extensive articles on facets of the Mhâr universe and will continue to expand and elaborate for use in Mhâr and other medieval fantasy RPG.

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