Mhâr Fantasy RPG (First Edition) The Knights of the Golden Eagle

The Knights of the Golden Eagle is a sourcebook for players and game masters using the Golden Eagle and other mercenary armies in the Mhâr Fantasy RPG and other similar themed role playing games. The history, organization and personalities of the Knights are described in this useful hand book. Also found in its pages is information for the care and deployment of medieval armies and mercenary bands. Rules for hiring soldiers and mass combat rule, as they pertain to the Mhâr Fantasy RPG are also detailed. The Knights of the Golden Eagle began as an order dedicated to the freeing the Dacian lands from the yoke of the pagan Thindors in the imperial and religious wars that swept Durine. Now the Order has returned to Dacia to serve the Republic of Varia and the other wealthy city-states as elite mercenaries whole fighting skills and absolute loyalty can be bought – for the right price.

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