Mhâr Fantasy RPG (First Edition) The Fraterna Solesti

The Fraterna Solesti is one of the primary Magi Orders in the Mhâr Fantasy RPG. This ambitious source book gives a wealth of information about the Order and it’s function within the Orders and the world around them. While the book is designed for the Mhâr setting, its information would be invaluable to any magic based medieval setting RPG. From the beginnings of magic in the world, to the politics and intrigues of the current Magi Orders, the book outlines the history of the Orders. It offers archetypes and new skills and merits; spells and artifacts; optional rules; personalities for non player characters; secrets to uncover; and even an undead magess bent on revenge. The use of a magical college as a background for a character’s academic study of magic allows a character to have contacts and connections within the magic community. It allows for friends and enemies formed while the character was learning. The Fraterna Solesti sourcebook details one college and provides in-depth information that would allow a Game Master to use the school in any similar setting. The sourcebook also aids in the creation of unique chantries for magic study.

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