Mhâr Fantasy RPG (First Edition) Kingdom of Gwythia Regional Sourcebook

The proud Kelta who inhabit the Kingdom of Gwythia have withstood repeated attempts by outsiders to take their lands and they have endured. Unified under the guidance of their High King, the kingdom continues to oppose the imperialist dreams of its neighbour, the Kingdom of Anæland. But the unity of Gwythia is fragile. Some prosper from trade and industry while others starve trying to scratch an existence from the rugged landscape of this unforgiving land. Clan rivalries and blood feuds run deep among the families that rule the land and strange supernatural forces tamper with frail human fate… This book also covers Gwythia’s neighbour to the south, the small forest kingdom of Frisia. Settled by invaders from the north, Frisia inhabitants dwell between the unrelenting sea and the impenetrable forest. The kingdom is a confederation of noble families and powerful guild clans that have become legendary merchants and mariners. The Kingdom of Gwythia Regional Sourcebook not only includes an overview of the politics, culture, religion and history of the region, but also includes an extensive alphabetical index with entries providing information on locations, historical figures and important aspects of the region and world of Mhâr. This book is a sourcebook based on the Mhâr Fantasy RPG, but is general and accessible enough to be used in any medieval-based role playing game.

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