Mhâr Fantasy RPG (First Edition) Castles and Keeps of Anæland

The Mhâr Fantasy RPG continues to grow. While primarily designed for the Mhâr Fantasy universe, this valuable source book can be used for any medieval based RPG.

Castles and Keeps of Anæland outlines the structures, fortifications, history and politics of eight different sites within Anæland. Included are colour maps of the villages and towns surrounding the fortified building, commercial and industrial appraisals, and some local folklore to add to the possibilities. Each site provides enough information to use as a setting for intrigue and adventure.

From the Headsman of Hornbur to the Black Dog of the Hills; from the Sisters of the Shield to the Solesti mage, Elsbreth, you will find them all summarized for quick use in Castles and Keeps of Anæland.

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