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Convention Report

May was a busy month for me.  I visited two conventions – CanGames, here in Ottawa, and What the Fur, over on Montreal.  The conventions are very different from one another – each convention has its own personality – but being small, independent conventions, they both had a very personal feel.

I ran Fox Magic at both conventions, and as usual, the players seemed to enjoy themselves very much.  I ran Cloak and Dagger at CanGames, and it also seemed to have done quite well for itself.  The Advanced Story Point System appeared to make the game smoother and easier to play, and playtesting it helped me to decide what mechanics to keep, and which mechanics to throw out.  I’ll be editing the mechanics over the next little while.

A friend of mine has published the game PonyFinder, and we sold copies of the game at What the Fur.  It drew a lot of interest – which makes sense considering the convention itself, and I think perhaps it would do better if we bring someone to game master next time.

We also sold buttons this year for the first time – a few general gaming buttons, buttons for Fox Magic specifically, and some alignment-themed buttons.  Chaotic Neutral seemed to be quite popular, and while at the conventions, some concepts for new buttons have come up.  We’ve also talked to the artist Ookami Kemono, and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future.

Now that I’m done my convention tour for May, I’m going to spend the remaining time until the next conventions to get a lot more writing done.  Hope to see you in the future!