State of the Game

Well, August and September have been hectic – moving for the first time in fifteen years really changes things.  Now that we’re in the process of settling down, I can return to writing.

So what’s going on?  Well, the Advanced Story Point System is in the process of being written.  Originally, this was going to be part of the Fox Magic Companion and Cloak and Dagger, but seriously, do you want to have to pay for the same mechanics book after book?  Rather than do that, we will be releasing the ASP system as a stand-alone book, which will cover all the rules needed to play any game which uses it.  There will also be a section on creating your own setting, adjusting the ASP mechanics to suit your style of play and your game world.

The Fox Magic Companion is going to become Advanced Fox Magic, and will use the ASP engine.  It will provide more detail on the foxes seen in Fox Magic, but will also deal with foxes and other tricksters found in other regions of the world.

Cloak and Dagger is still coming out, nothing’s changed there.  Those who provided us with a donation for our IndieGoGo will get a look inside it once we’ve got more written on it.  The game is close to completion, but I’ve paused to work on ASP.

And that’s where we are!