New Locations, New Legends

I’m currently working on the Fox Magic Companion, and with the help of a new writer I’ve been expanding the concept of the foxes to new lands.  I’ve worked on the huxian, which are the Chinese foxes, and the huli jian, which are the same thing, only bad.  I’ll be adding the Korean foxes under ‘threats’, since there are apparently very little that could be said to be redeeming about them, and then I’ll work on the European foxes.

And that’s the point to this entry.  The foxes of Europe are a bit different, and working with a new writer has made for some interesting concepts.  The ideas I originally had for these foxes has pretty much gone to the wayside – I was going to use them mostly as tricksters, and perhaps sinister ones at that, but as I look at them, and the writing that’s been done, I don’t see them as tricksters.  Sure, they do play tricks at times, but there’s a lot more to them than that.

So, currently, I’m looking at the Scandinavian foxes – and they’ve gone from ‘trollish’ creatures to guardians of ancient ruins and lost cairns.  You still don’t mess with them – they’re very capable warriors, and as I work on them, I’m starting to envision the environment they’re in.

I may wind up having to write a lot more about the supernatural in Europe than I had intended – I’ve a feeling this book’s going to be thicker than I anticipated.