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Here is what is in the works for Fool’s Moon Entertainment Inc. What is being worked on and what is being planned.

RoberCon and Beyond

RoberCon was an interesting experience for Fool’s Moon.  It was our first convention outside the country, and was a learning experience for me.  However, we sold out of every copy of Fox Magic that we brought with us – and may have sold a lot more if we had the books for it.  Still, it was a positive experience, and I hope to visit more conventions in the future.

Currently, I’m spinning a few plates, and trying to keep myself moving forward.  Here are the current projects on the table:

Fox Magic:  the Fox Magic Companion is currently being written.  In this book, I hope to explore the different aspects of the kitsune and provide more options and details for players.  We’ll look at how a fox den functions, what duties each of the breeds have, how the gods of Japan interact with kitsune, and what unique powers each breed possesses.  On top of this, I’ll be adding rules for mortal sorcerers, the mysterious tengu, the troublesome tanuki, the dangerous nekomata, and other creatures which will be playable within the setting.  We’ll also go overseas, and look at how the foxes are portrayed overseas, such as the dangerous foxes of China and Europe, and we’ll take a look at another famous trickster figure – the Coyote.

Cloak and Dagger:  Another game using the Story Point System, Cloak and Dagger looks at the spy genre, allowing players to become secret agents.  Each player can have their own agenda during an assignment, working with one another or at cross-purposes, and the game engine itself allows for maximum flexibility.  This game is mostly complete, I’m just looking to provide a little more information about the spy genre and how to run a game for the game master.

Trionfi:  This game has done well in playtesting – the concept works well, but the game engine itself is a problem.  Thus, Trionfi is in redesign.  The game engine will be moved to the Story Point System, and we’re gutting some of the more complex parts of the game which provided very little to the players.  We’ll most likely be seeing a name change as well.

Pathfinder:  Currently, we have the Mystic Archer out for sale, and we are working on a second character class, the Ruinblade.  This class focusses on weakening opponents, crippling enemies before going in for the finishing blow.  The second draft is finished, and we will be looking to add one or two more classes to release this as a set.

In addition, we’re looking at Mhar Fantasy: Pathfinder Edition.  The Mhar roleplaying game will be released in d20 format, providing new races, classes, feats, and more, all tailored to the Mhar setting.  A new style of magic is in the works, more suitable to a low-fantasy setting.  Look for more information in 2014.

There are other projects in the works as well, but those are in the preliminary stages.  I’ll give more information when we have something to show.  I would like to hear from you however, so feel free to comment below!

- Kit

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to the development blog for Fool’s Moon Entertainment Inc.
Here, we will keep readers up to date on projects that are being worked on and updates on ongoing development ideas.
Kit, the executive in charge of RPG development, will do most of the posting here.