CanGames 2014 and Updates

CanGames 2014 is right around the corner, and will be running May 16th to 18th.  As usual, I will be running Fox Magic there, but I am also going to be running Cloak and Dagger, trying out some of the new rules, while getting it ready to go into further development.  This year, the theme at CanGames is Crossroads, and with that in mind, I’ve got something special planned.

The two games, Cloak and Dagger, and Fox Magic, both use the Story Point System.  I will be running the two games as interconnected – the same setting, the same adventure, but from a different perspective.  Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

Cloak and Dagger, as mentioned, has some new rules added to it, I’m hoping to have it ready to go before the end of the year.  The Fox Magic Companion is also under development, with a second writer giving a hand to add material to it.  The goal is to have this funded as well this year.